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* - remove anno credsPaul Querna2005-04-061-1/+15
* checkpoint the work so far. The DBM cache needs a little more work.Paul Querna2005-04-051-16/+19
* - make memcahe optionalPaul Querna2005-04-041-3/+1
* make this a generated filePaul Querna2005-04-041-0/+0
* updated header.Paul Querna2005-04-041-3/+6
* working support for a ssl session cache via memcached.Paul Querna2004-12-102-402/+12
* add check for apr_memcachePaul Querna2004-12-091-0/+1
* setting proper ignores.Paul Querna2004-12-021-0/+402
* input and output filtersPaul Querna2004-09-281-0/+19
* rename structures.Paul Querna2004-09-271-11/+27
* break up the IO functions into their own filePaul Querna2004-09-271-0/+122