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* re-order the cipher types.Paul Querna2004-12-061-2/+31
* setting proper ignores.Paul Querna2004-12-022-6/+50
* adding autofoo for memcache supportPaul Querna2004-12-021-1/+1
* hey hey, this is working code!Paul Querna2004-12-022-32/+33
* input and output filtersPaul Querna2004-09-282-151/+542
* rename structures.Paul Querna2004-09-272-47/+52
* break up the IO functions into their own filePaul Querna2004-09-273-356/+338
* commit before i move everything aroundPaul Querna2004-09-271-55/+114
* updatedPaul Querna2004-09-272-50/+156
* iniail makefiles and license fooPaul Querna2004-09-272-0/+506