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3The "original" document is the LyX file "documentation.lyx" -- all other 3The "original" document is the Docbook file "manual.xml" -- all other
4files here are derived from it. The most visually accurate document 4files here are derived from it.
5and the one I'd recommend reading is the PostScript (.ps) file, although
6a whole host of formats are made available here to suit your preference.
7 5
8To read the HTML docs, open HTML/documentation.html in your browser. 6To read the HTML docs, open manual.html in your browser.
9To read the .dvi file, use Xdvi or kdvi.
10To read the .ps file, use gv or kghostview.
11To read the .lyx file, use LyX.
12To read the .txt file, use less.
13 7
8To generate other formats of the documentation use xmlto to convert the xml file.