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Changes on the way to 1.19. This is probably going to be 1.19b1. Detail:1.19b1
* Hostnames are now converted to lowercase in the mass-virtual naming section. The loop that converts dots to underscores has been optimized as well. * Migration to autoconf * New directive LogSQLTableType allows one to specify the kind of table that the module makes during table creation (e.g. InnoDB, MyISAM). Thanks to Jim Turner for the suggestion and patch. If your MySQL server does not support the specified type, it will create a MyISAM table instead. * Directives can now be placed in the 'main' server config and will be inherited by the virtual hosts. This means a LOT less repetition: you only specify the item once to have it inherited, but it can still be overridden on a virtualhost level.
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