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1$Id: TODO,v 1.1 2004/02/12 03:21:35 urkle Exp $
4* Port connection portion to other DBMS? Genericize the module? Start with
5 PostgreSQL. (provider mechanism, and libDBI)
6* does determining table name in massvirtual mode upon every request
7 cause performance degradation? If so fix. No other feasable way to fix this,
8 unless you cache, but then for large amounts of hosts, this can be a waste.
9* LogSQLRotateLogs directive with daily/monthly/weekly/etc.
10* socket-based middleman daemon with configurable conns, or connect/disconnect.
11* DBI connection pool when I switch to DBI.
12* ignore by cookie
13* break module into separate code files
14 SSL already separated.
15 separate DB implimentation into sub-modules via provider mechanism
16* investigate thread safety issues
17 Use libmysqlclient_r for threaded MPM (or always?)
18 Add thread locks if using standard mysqlclient
19 Check locking issues with the preserve file?
20* rewrite main core logging function to optimize for speed.
21* Clean up table creation code.
22 support DB independent way of defining the tables