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* update autoconf scripts to check MySQL..1.91Edward Rudd2003-12-231-4/+40
* compiles and loads under apache2.0Edward Rudd2003-12-221-7/+8
* Initial revisionEdward Rudd2003-12-201-34/+5
* Changes on the way to 1.19. This is probably going to be 1.19b1. Detail:1.19b1Christopher Powell2003-07-221-5/+32
* Some minor additions / edits to the docs.Christopher Powell2003-03-271-1/+3
* Removed message about insufficient info to log.1.18Christopher Powell2002-12-181-2/+1
* Delayed inserts, includes, better table creation, renamed global vars,Christopher Powell2002-12-181-7/+17
* Changes on route to 1.18 release (better table creation logic and workarounds...Christopher Powell2002-12-101-3/+20
* More documentation work on the way to final 1.17 release.Christopher Powell2002-11-141-27/+23
* Monster changes en route to 1.17. Esp. with new documentation.Christopher Powell2002-11-141-13/+40
* *** empty log message ***1.17pre2Christopher Powell2002-09-041-1/+7
* Lots of changes & bugfixes as requested on the list. Pre-1 of Powell2002-06-271-3/+17
* More effort toward next release. Now include headers in/out.Christopher Powell2002-05-241-3/+10
* Further changes on the way to 1.17, big one was the segfault fix.Christopher Powell2002-05-161-2/+7
* Added notes logging capability. This is a commit prior to a lot of workChristopher Powell2002-05-141-5/+27
* Significant headway toward a releasable 1.16, passed ab testing and myChristopher Powell2002-04-231-14/+19
* Significant bugfixes and feature additions on the way to 1.16...Christopher Powell2002-04-211-2/+43
* Added - but did not activate - routines to handle proxy environment variables.Christopher Powell2002-04-081-2/+1
* This is a "pre" snapshot of 1.15. Numerous changes emphasizing how SQLChristopher Powell2002-04-021-2/+15
* Minor but significant updates to the instructions for apxs users.Christopher Powell2002-02-241-1/+9
* Ported to mysql_real_connect, made a change for the mass-virtual-hosting1.13Christopher Powell2002-01-151-1/+15
* Added a mysql_close mechanism to the child exit process to fix MySQLChristopher Powell2001-12-071-1/+9
* Big changes including reworked cookie code, new directives, SSL logging,Christopher Powell2001-12-031-3/+56
* A lot of code cleanup and tweaking, plus cookie logging:1.10Christopher Powell2001-11-301-1/+13
* Initial revision1.09Christopher Powell2001-11-281-0/+99