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* Fixed version and help flags so they work.Edward Rudd2004-02-211-30/+27
* Added to distribution with permission from Aaron...Edward Rudd2004-02-122-2/+42
* Updated help and added check and error to make sure the user edited the file ...Edward Rudd2004-02-121-10/+18
* Updated Author information in file.Edward Rudd2004-02-121-0/+6
* moved create_tables.sql and into contrib directory.Edward Rudd2004-02-123-1/+183
* update apache.m4 to use -with-apxs instead of --with-apacheEdward Rudd2004-01-043-13/+5
* uses Date::Parse instead of ParseDateEdward Rudd2003-12-301-28/+46
* added mysql import script by Aaron Jenson.Edward Rudd2003-12-302-0/+289