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* change threadcount so 0 means single threadedEdward Rudd2009-03-231-1/+1
* add in splitting codeEdward Rudd2009-03-111-12/+55
* add ability to skip N number of bad lines before throwing an error.Edward Rudd2008-10-301-0/+21
* fix tokenize_logfile (derived off of now known buggy apr_tokenize_to_argv fun...Edward Rudd2008-10-301-1/+1
* Added summary page including line count, duration, and final status of fileEdward Rudd2008-10-271-7/+8
* implement filter supportEdward Rudd2008-10-261-6/+51
* implement query arg extracterEdward Rudd2008-10-251-3/+7
* implemented loggingEdward Rudd2008-10-251-11/+12
* add logging functionEdward Rudd2008-10-241-13/+18
* more parsing implementation (Custom functions)Edward Rudd2008-10-231-27/+19
* added more config optionsEdward Rudd2008-10-221-73/+190
* Initial revision of command line importer.Edward Rudd2008-10-011-0/+305