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* add in wrap function (to speed up request_time field)Edward Rudd2008-10-252-11/+32
* make sure per-func data is CLEARED upon initializationEdward Rudd2008-10-251-0/+1
* implement query arg extracterEdward Rudd2008-10-257-29/+206
* implemented loggingEdward Rudd2008-10-258-77/+132
* add logging functionEdward Rudd2008-10-248-65/+170
* fix possible crash when regex function doesn't match (set to *default*)Edward Rudd2008-10-233-2/+4
* more parsing implementation (Custom functions)Edward Rudd2008-10-2310-61/+245
* added more config optionsEdward Rudd2008-10-2213-109/+946
* Initial revision of command line importer.Edward Rudd2008-10-018-0/+840