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* added tags0.5.0-alphaNokis Mavrogiannopoulos2008-02-201-9/+122
* added more error checks.Nokis Mavrogiannopoulos2007-12-031-9/+44
* better handling of RSAFile and DHFileNokis Mavrogiannopoulos2007-12-031-3/+46
* No more defaults for dhparams, rsaparams. Check for GnuTLSPriorities.Nokis Mavrogiannopoulos2007-12-021-3/+0
* Added support for subject alternative names. (untested)Nokis Mavrogiannopoulos2007-12-011-1/+1
* upgraded to Mavrogiannopoulos2007-11-281-180/+225
* start the CA Certificate code.Paul Querna2005-05-241-4/+16
* - add lua to do client verificationPaul Querna2005-05-171-1/+16
* - move hooks to gnutls_hooks.cPaul Querna2005-04-241-21/+21
* move config functions to their own file. Paul Querna2005-04-241-0/+328