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* Added notes logging capability. This is a commit prior to a lot of workChristopher Powell2002-05-141-19/+43
* Significant bugfixes and feature additions on the way to 1.16...Christopher Powell2002-04-211-16/+10
* *** empty log message ***Christopher Powell2002-04-081-2/+2
* *** empty log message ***1.14Christopher Powell2002-02-241-3/+3
* Minor but significant updates to the instructions for apxs users.Christopher Powell2002-02-241-3/+5
* Ported to mysql_real_connect, made a change for the mass-virtual-hosting1.13Christopher Powell2002-01-151-23/+33
* Added a mysql_close mechanism to the child exit process to fix MySQLChristopher Powell2001-12-071-9/+12
* 'make distro' now copies textfiles to html directory for online perusal.Christopher Powell2001-12-031-1/+4
* Big changes including reworked cookie code, new directives, SSL logging,Christopher Powell2001-12-031-8/+32
* Initial revision1.09Christopher Powell2001-11-281-0/+28